V <3 -Day & Carnival

Hello darlings,
long time no hear … but we’re finally back!! 🙂
With some great ideas for the upcoming holidays!


We have some simple but awesome makeup inspirations for carnival. Carina wants to dress up as an evil witch. „I used some black kajal instead of black lipstick. It lasts very long and looks more original. In place of eyeliner I applied green eyeshadow on my lower waterline. This colour matches my eye color and the combination of black and green makes up a perfect witch look. Just be creative about it.“

image2 image3


Martha found the perfect Valentine’s day look. Here are some nice gestures to express your love at your date.

„I used some decent pinkish eye shadow and a little bit of blush in the same color as my lipgloss. The lollipop and the flower make happy vibes. I did not brush my hair in order to leave my hair natural as it is. My flower ear rings match my makeup colors and my shirt. Regardless of having a date or not, you can just put on a smile and look lovely on this special day.“


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