About us

Welcome! We are lovespreadingfriends alias Carina and Martha, both 18 years old.

Our story is very interesting…When we first met in our classroom in sixth grade, Martha was a new student and the teacher introduced her to her new classmates. The only seat that was left was the spot in front of Carina. We looked at each other for a moment, like it was love at first sight [;)] but didn’t talk. Later that day, we sat next to each other during our IT class. That was our very first conversation and from that moment on we started to become closer friends.

By now we have known each other for over 7 years, and we became soulsisters…psychologists state, that any friendship or relationship lasts forever after the seventh year of contact. That means that our friendship is for sure an everlasting one. We have shared tons of wonderful, funny, embarrassing, sad, tragical, beautiful, harsh, and especially, crazy memories together. What do we do in our everyday lives? Well…actually we don’t do much productive stuff. We do love to eat, drink, and have a fun a time at McDonald’s…(we go there around 4 times a week, yup it’s sad but the truth :D). We also have the ability to communicate with each other without speaking to each other, we just open our mouths and say the exact same sentence at the same time…we call it telepathic thought transmission. This happens in average 10 times a day. Every time we want to talk about a specific thing, we add “just kidding“ to our statement, even though the topic was serious. Honestly, we aren’t the biggest drinkers, but when we do drink alcohol, we are insupportable because we suddenly start to yell and to dance and to laugh in a way that the whole neighborhood wakes up and complains. But…here’s the thing: We behave the same way when we are sober. Something to be proud about! 🙂 We came to the conclusion that it is better to always be crazy than to always be boring…like our neighbors. In addition, both of suffer from a very harsh disease. The disease isn’t harmful at all, but it appears all of a sudden, when it is cold outside and the temperatures rapidly decrease from super worm to freaking cold as hell. The skin on the back of our hands becomes rough and when it freazes outside, they also start to bleed. Weird, but both of us have this same problem every year during winter, and we don’t know anyone else who suffers from the same disease. Every time we meet, we take a thousand selfies and look for a nice quote that matches the occasion…this usually takes a few hours because the pictures look exactly the same and we still don’t know which one to post. We often also dance when we meet each other. But our dancing style isn’t really normal… We probably look like two girls who are listening to an unbelievably great song for the very first time and immediately try to invent cool dance moves, while people who watch us may think we’re just stupid teenagers on drugs.

We could tell so many more stories about ourselves and about the weirdness we have in common, but this should be enough for now. Putting all the crazy stuff aside, we really hope to share our mutual ideas with all of you guys, including current world topics, beautiful events, photography, fashion, lifestyle, and all of that in connection to our goal…spreading love all over the world.

“Lovespreadingfriends“ is a product of two creative, young minds with lots of love in their hearts, hope in their spirits, and ambition in their heads. Please follow us! We appreciate your support.

Yours sincerely,

Lovespreadingfriends alias Carina and Martha


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